Oliver Bennett

Oliver Bennett, a man smiling in a cafe.

About Oliver Bennett

Oliver Bennett, a seasoned barista, focuses on the technical aspects of coffee-making. His journey from local cafes to specialty coffee shops has equipped him with skills in the science of coffee, from grind size to latte art. Oliver's articles and how-to videos delve into brewing techniques and coffee science, fostering a community of home baristas and elevating the home coffee experience.


Oliver Bennett is a seasoned barista with a keen eye for the technical nuances that make each cup of coffee a masterpiece. With years of experience in specialty coffee shops, Oliver is your go-to guide for understanding the science and skill behind every brew.

Experience and Expertise

Oliver’s journey into the world of coffee began in his early years, working in local cafes and eventually moving on to specialty coffee shops. His expertise lies in the technical aspects of coffee-making, from understanding the perfect grind size to mastering latte art.

The Science of Coffee

Through detailed articles and how-to videos, Oliver delves into the science of coffee. He explains the chemistry of extraction, the physics of milk frothing, and the art of latte design, making complex topics accessible to coffee enthusiasts of all levels.

Brewing Techniques

Oliver’s content focuses on the intricacies of various brewing methods. Whether you’re interested in pour-over, espresso, or cold brew, Oliver provides step-by-step guides to help you achieve barista-level results at home.


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