Sophia Lewis

Sophia Lewis, a smiling woman wearing a scarf, radiates joy.

About Sophia Lewis

Sophia Lewis, a travel blogger with a focus on global coffee cultures, explores coffee traditions from Colombia to Turkey. Her expertise lies in understanding the cultivation, brewing, and enjoyment of coffee in different cultures. Through articles, travel vlogs, and tastings, Sophia brings a global perspective to coffee, emphasizing ethical and sustainable practices, and invites readers to join her community of global coffee enthusiasts.


Sophia Lewis is a travel blogger with a special focus on exploring coffee cultures around the world. From the coffee farms of Colombia to the traditional coffee houses of Turkey, Sophia brings a global perspective to your coffee experience.

Experience and Expertise

Sophia’s love for travel and coffee has taken her to various corners of the world. Her expertise lies in understanding how coffee is grown, brewed, and enjoyed in different cultures, offering readers a unique global perspective on their favorite beverage.

Coffee Cultures Explored

Through captivating articles and travel vlogs, Sophia takes you on a journey to explore the diverse world of coffee. She delves into the history, traditions, and rituals associated with coffee in different regions, enriching your understanding of this universal drink.

Global Coffee Tastings

Sophia offers a unique twist to coffee tasting by featuring coffees from around the world. She provides tasting notes, brewing recommendations, and even food pairings that are traditional to each region.


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