What is a Triple Ristretto? The Secret Coffee Shot

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A triple Ristretto on a wooden table.
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A triple Ristretto on a wooden table.


Are you a coffee enthusiast looking to explore potent and invigorating forms of espresso? Enter the triple Ristretto, a concentrated shot made with thrice the amount of coffee grounds compared to your regular Ristretto.

This blog post will guide you through understanding this intriguing espresso variant, its extraction process and what makes it distinctively robust and flavorful. Get ready, because we’re about to dive deep into the world of richly intense java!

Key Takeaways

  • A triple Ristretto is a concentrated and intense espresso shot made with three times the amount of coffee grounds compared to a regular Ristretto.
  • It has a bolder and more robust flavor profile than a regular espresso shot, with lower acidity levels.
  • Making a triple Ristretto requires specialized equipment like a triple basket, finely ground coffee beans, and proper extraction techniques.
  • Enjoying a triple Ristretto can be done by sipping it on its own or trying various serving suggestions such as pairing it with dark chocolate or making it into an affogato.

What is a Triple Ristretto?

A triple Ristretto is a concentrated and intense espresso shot that is made by extracting three times the amount of coffee grounds in a regular espresso shot.

Definition and meaning

A triple Ristretto is a kind of espresso shot. You make it using three times more coffee grounds than a usual Ristretto shot. The word “Ristretto” has an Italian root. It means “restricted”.

So, you use less water in this drink for a rich flavor. It’s like normal espresso but more intense because of the high amount of coffee used. This makes it strong and full-bodied with less acid taste compared to regular espresso shots.

To do all this, you need special tools called triple baskets that can hold 21 grams of ground coffee!

How it differs from a regular espresso shot

A triple Ristretto differs from a regular espresso shot in terms of strength and concentration. While a regular espresso shot uses a specific amount of coffee grounds, the triple Ristretto is made with three times that amount, resulting in a more intense flavor.

The triple Ristretto has less water compared to a regular espresso shot, making it bolder and more concentrated. Its taste profile is rich and full-bodied, with lower acidity levels.

Unlike regular espresso shots that can be enjoyed on their own or served with milk-based drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, or macchiatos, the triple Ristretto is typically served black without any additions.

Making a Triple Ristretto

To make a Triple Ristretto, you need to follow the proper extraction process and use the right equipment and measurements.

Proper extraction process

To make a triple Ristretto, follow the proper extraction process:

  1. Start with a triple basket, which can hold approximately 21 grams of ground coffee.
  2. Use a finer grind for the coffee beans.
  3. Preheat your espresso machine and ensure it is in good working condition.
  4. Tamp the coffee grounds firmly and evenly into the basket.
  5. Lock the basket into the espresso machine portafilter.
  6. Place your cup or shot glass under the portafilter to collect the extracted coffee.
  7. Start the extraction process, allowing hot water to pass through the grounds at high pressure.
  8. The extraction time for a triple Ristretto should be shorter than that of a regular espresso shot, around 15-20 seconds.
  9. Stop the extraction when you have about 15 – 20 ml of liquid in your cup or shot glass.
  10. Serve immediately and enjoy the intense flavor of your triple Ristretto.

Equipment and measurements needed

To make a triple Ristretto, you will need the following equipment and measurements:

  1. An espresso machine: This is necessary to extract the coffee shot properly.
  2. A triple basket: This is a larger filter basket that can hold approximately 21 grams of ground coffee. It allows for a higher amount of coffee grounds to be used in the shot.
  3. Ground coffee: Use freshly roasted and finely ground coffee beans specifically meant for espresso brewing.
  4. Water: Make sure to use filtered water for better taste and avoid any impurities.
  5. Measuring scale: To accurately measure the amount of ground coffee needed for the triple Ristretto shot.
  6. Tamper: Use a tamper tool to evenly distribute and compact the coffee grounds in the basket before extraction.
  7. Espresso cups or glasses: These are used to serve the triple Ristretto once it is extracted.
  8. Timer: You may use a timer to track the extraction time and ensure consistency.

Taste and Flavor Profile

The taste and flavor profile of a Triple Ristretto is incredibly intense and concentrated, with strong notes of rich espresso and a bold, robust flavor that sets it apart from a regular espresso shot.

Intensity and concentration

A triple Ristretto is known for its intensity and concentration. Since it uses three times the amount of coffee grounds compared to a regular Ristretto shot, the flavor is bolder and more robust.

The higher coffee-to-water ratio results in a highly concentrated espresso that packs a powerful punch. This makes it a favorite among coffee enthusiasts who enjoy a strong and intense espresso experience.

The triple Ristretto’s rich and full-bodied taste, coupled with its lower acidity level, sets it apart from regular espresso shots.

Differences in flavor compared to a regular espresso shot

A triple Ristretto has a different flavor compared to a regular espresso shot. Since it uses three times the amount of coffee grounds, the taste is more intense and concentrated. The higher coffee-to-water ratio gives it a bolder flavor profile.

Unlike regular espresso shots, which may have a bit more bitterness or acidity, the triple Ristretto has a lower acidity level and can be described as rich and full-bodied. It’s favored by those who enjoy an intense espresso experience and appreciate its strong taste without any added milk or other ingredients.

Enjoying a Triple Ristretto

Sip on the robust flavors of a Triple Ristretto and indulge in its intense and concentrated taste. Pair it with your favorite dessert or enjoy it on its own for an elevated coffee experience that will awaken your senses.

Serving suggestions

Here are some serving suggestions for enjoying a triple Ristretto:

  1. Drink it straight: Enjoy the bold and concentrated flavors of a triple Ristretto by sipping it on its own.
  2. Pair it with dark chocolate: The intense flavors of the triple Ristretto complement the richness of dark chocolate, creating a delightful pairing.
  3. Add a twist of citrus: Squeeze a fresh lemon or orange peel over your triple Ristretto to enhance the flavor and provide a vibrant citrus note.
  4. Serve with biscotti: Dunking biscotti into your triple Ristretto creates a satisfying combination of textures and flavors.
  5. Make it an affogato: Pour a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato into your triple Ristretto for a decadent dessert-like treat.
  6. Use it in coffee-based cocktails: Experiment with creating coffee cocktails by incorporating a triple Ristretto as the base ingredient.
  7. Try different brewing methods: If you have the equipment, try brewing your triple Ristretto using alternative brewing methods like AeroPress or French press to explore different flavor profiles.

Pairings with food or other beverages

Pair your triple Ristretto with these delicious food and beverage options:

  • Dark chocolate: The intense flavors of a triple Ristretto pair perfectly with the rich and slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate.
  • Biscotti: The crunchiness of biscotti complements the strong flavors of the triple Ristretto.
  • Almond croissant: The nutty and buttery taste of an almond croissant balances out the boldness of the triple Ristretto.
  • Cheese plate: Enjoy your triple Ristretto with some aged cheese, such as Parmesan or Gouda, for a delightful combination of flavors.
  • Sparkling water: Sip on some sparkling water alongside your triple Ristretto to cleanse your palate and enhance the coffee’s taste.
  • Affogato: For a decadent treat, pour your triple Ristretto over a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream for an indulgent dessert-like experience.

Recommendations for coffee enthusiasts

If you’re a coffee enthusiast looking to try something bold and intense, the triple Ristretto is definitely worth exploring. This highly concentrated shot of espresso offers a rich and full-bodied flavor that’s perfect for those who appreciate a strong and robust cup of coffee.

To fully enjoy the experience, it’s best to savor the triple Ristretto on its own, without any added milk or sweeteners. You can also use it as a base for specialty beverages like macchiatos or cortados if you prefer some variety.

So go ahead and indulge in this powerful espresso shot that will surely satisfy your cravings for an intense caffeine kick!


A triple Ristretto is a powerful and concentrated shot of espresso made using three times the amount of coffee grounds. It has a bold flavor profile and is enjoyed by coffee enthusiasts who appreciate its intense taste.

Whether sipped on its own or used as a base for other specialty beverages, the triple Ristretto offers a unique and robust coffee experience.


What is a triple Ristretto?

A triple Ristretto is a type of strong coffee where the fluid volume of normale or lungo coffee extraction is condensed to make it much stronger.

How do you pronounce “triple Ristretto”?

“Triple Ristretto” in English follows conventional wisdom and can be pronounced as “tri-pul ris-tre-to”.

Can baristas make a double or doppio version of Ristretto?

Yes, baristas skilled in coffee brewing can create different versions, including a double or doppio Ristretto with less fluid volume for an even stronger taste.

Is this Italian espresso more condensed than normal shorts shot?

Yes, compared to the short shot which has reduced volume, the Italian espresso called ‘Ristretto’ is more condensed thus making it strong coffee.

Do all types of strong coffees have less fluid volume like Ristrettos?

Not all strong coffees are like Ristrettos; some use different brewing techniques while others often have more fluid volume but are still considered strong due to their flavor intensity.

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