Does McDonald’s Have Decaf Coffee or Decaf Iced Coffee?

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A restaurant with tables and chairs serving decaf coffee.
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A restaurant with tables and chairs serving decaf coffee.

Key Takeaways

  • McDonald’s offers decaf coffee options on their menu, including McCafe Decaf CoffeeMcCafe Decaf Latte, and McCafe Decaf Cappuccino.
  • They introduced decaffeinated coffee to their menu in 2023 due to popular demand from customers looking for a caffeine-free alternative without compromising taste.
  • Their decaf drinks maintain variety and cater to different preferences, whether you enjoy a classic cup of joe or prefer specialty beverages like lattes and cappuccinos.

Does McDonald’s Have Decaf Coffee?

Going for a coffee run at McDonald’s? Guess what, decaf lovers – you’re in luck! As of 2023, McDonald’s has introduced decaffeinated coffee to their menu offerings.

With a wave of requests from customers wanting a caffeine-free alternative without compromising on that robust coffee taste, the fast-food giant finally decided to add ‘Decaf’ as an option.

This move puts them ahead of other fast food chains when it comes to catering for all coffee preferences.

They’ve made sure to maintain variety with their decaf drinks too. Alongside their regular McCafe Decaf Coffee, there are three more choices: Americano, Latte and Cappuccino. No matter what your preferred style is, McDonald’s McCafe has got you covered with these premium roast decaf options.

Whether craving for something richly creamy like the Decaf Latte or needing that intense espresso kick in the form of an Americano – it’s all available on the drive-thru coffee menu!

Options for Decaf Coffee at McDonald’s

At McDonald’s, you have a variety of options for decaf coffee such as McCafe Decaf Coffee, McCafe Decaf Latte, McCafe Decaf Cappuccino and more.

McCafe Decaf Coffee

McDonald’s offers decaf coffee as part of their McCafe menu options. Whether you prefer a classic cup of joe or want to indulge in a specialty drink, you can choose to have it made with decaffeinated coffee.

The machines used to brew the coffee at McDonald’s are not a reason to worry about the quality or taste; they are perfectly capable of preparing flavorful and satisfying decaf beverages. Government guidelines state that for coffee to be considered decaffeinated, it must contain 5 milligrams of caffeine or less per 5-ounce serving.

So if you’re looking for a caffeine-free option at McDonald’s, their McCafe Decaf Coffee is sure to satisfy your cravings.

McCafe Decaf Latte

McDonald’s offers a delightful decaffeinated option with their McCafe Decaf Latte. This creamy and smooth beverage is perfect for those who want to enjoy the rich flavors of coffee without the caffeine buzz.

Made with freshly ground decaf coffeesteamed milk, and topped with velvety foam, the McCafe Decaf Latte provides a satisfying and comforting sip any time of the day. Whether you’re stopping by the drive-thru or enjoying a leisurely morning at McDonald’s, this decaf latte is sure to hit the spot.

So go ahead, indulge in this delicious treat without worrying about sleepless nights or caffeine jitters. Try out McDonald’s McCafe Decaf Latte for a soothing and flavorful experience.

McCafe Decaf Cappuccino

If you’re looking for a delicious decaf option at McDonald’s, the McCafe Decaf Cappuccino is a great choice. Made with premium roast decaf coffee and frothy, steamed milk, this creamy beverage offers all the flavors of a traditional cappuccino without the caffeine.

Whether you’re an early morning riser or in need of an afternoon pick-me-up, the McCafe Decaf Cappuccino is sure to satisfy your cravings. Enjoy the rich taste and velvety texture of this decaffeinated coffee creation from McDonald’s today!

Does McDonald’s Serve Decaf Iced Coffee?

Yes, McDonald’s does serve decaf iced coffee. In recent years, there has been a growing demand for decaffeinated beverages due to health concerns and individuals wanting to reduce their caffeine intake.

McDonald’s, being one of the largest fast food chains in the world, has recognized this trend and added decaf iced coffee to their menu to cater to customers’ preferences. Decaf iced coffee is a refreshing beverage that provides all the flavors and essence of traditional iced coffee but without the stimulating effects of caffeine.

For those who enjoy the taste of coffee but want to avoid the jitters or sleep disturbances that can come from caffeine, decaf iced coffee is the perfect option. McDonald’s takes pride in offering a variety of choices and aims to accommodate different tastes and dietary needs.

Whether you’re looking for a caffeinated boost or a caffeine-free beverage, McDonald’s is sure to have an option that suits your needs.

Is McDonald’s Decaf Coffee Really Decaf?

There has been much debate surrounding the question of whether McDonald’s decaf coffee is truly decaf. Many customers claim that they have experienced the same, if not worse, effects from consuming McDonald’s decaf as they have from regular caffeinated coffee.

Some speculate that McDonald’s may not properly remove all of the caffeine during the decaffeination process, while others argue that individual sensitivities to caffeine may vary. It has been suggested that McDonald’s may use blends of regular and decaf coffee to meet demand during peak hours, which could result in inconsistent levels of caffeine in their supposedly decaf coffee.

McDonald’s has consistently maintained that their decaf coffee is indeed decaffeinated and adheres to the industry standards. They claim to use a natural water process to remove caffeine, which is considered to be more effective than traditional chemical methods. 

Can You Get a Decaf Frappe at McDonald’s?

No, you cannot get a decaf frappe at McDonald’s. McDonald’s offers a variety of options when it comes to their frappe menu, catering to different preferences and dietary needs. 

If you’re someone who enjoys the delicious taste of frappe but wants to avoid the caffeine, the decaf frappe is no choice for you. The decaf frappe is made with a blend of high-quality coffee beans. 

It is prepared using a mix of freshly brewed coffee, ice, milk, and a delicious flavored syrup, which is then topped with whipped cream for that extra indulgence.


McDonald’s does offer decaf coffee options for those looking to enjoy a caffeine-free beverage. With choices like McCafe Decaf Coffee, McCafe Decaf Latte, McCafe Decaf Cappuccino, and more, there are plenty of decaffeinated creations to satisfy your coffee cravings.

While they don’t currently serve decaf iced coffee, the availability of decaf options at McDonald’s ensures that everyone can find their perfect cup of joe. So next time you’re in need of a pick-me-up without the caffeine buzz, head over to McDonald’s and enjoy their delicious decaf offerings.


Does McDonald’s serve decaf coffee or decaf iced coffee?

Yes, McDonald’s does offer decaf coffee and decaf iced coffee options on their menu.

Does McDonald’s have decaf espresso?

No, McDonald’s currently does not offer decaf espresso on their menu.

Can I find decaf frappes at McDonald’s?

No, McDonald’s does not have decaf frappes on their coffee menu.

How much caffeine is in McDonald’s decaf coffee?

McDonald’s decaf coffee contains a minimal amount of caffeine, as it is made with decaffeinated coffee beans.

Does McDonald’s have decaf Americanos?

No, McDonald’s does not offer decaf Americanos on their coffee menu.

Can I get decaf lattes at McDonald’s?

No, McDonald’s does not currently offer decaf lattes on their coffee menu.

Does McDonald’s have a caffeine-free coffee menu?

No, McDonald’s primarily serves coffee drinks with regular coffee that may contain caffeine.

Does McDonald’s offer any decaf menu options at all?

Yes, McDonald’s does have decaf coffee as an option, but it is not as extensive as their regular coffee menu.

Can I find decaf iced coffee at all McDonald’s locations?

McDonald’s does offer decaf iced coffee at some of their locations, but availability may vary.

Why does McDonald’s have such a major hole on their coffee menu for decaf coffee drinkers?

McDonald’s coffee menu primarily focuses on coffee beverages that contain caffeine, as they cater to a majority of coffee drinkers who prefer regular coffee.

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