What is Magic Coffee? Drinkable Wizardry Explained!

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A cup of coffee with smoke on a table.
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A cup of coffee with smoke on a table.


Ever found yourself bewildered by the array of specialty coffee on offer at your favorite café? Magic Coffee, a unique offering from Melbourne, Australia, might just be your new favorite brew.

This blog post will unveil the intriguing facts about this specialty coffee blend and guide you step-by-step on how to recreate it in your own kitchen. Ready to discover a bold new world of flavors with magic coffee? Dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Magic Coffee is a specialty coffee drink from Melbourne, Australia made with a double ristretto and steamed milk.
  • It has a unique taste that is bold and strong without being bitter, thanks to the perfect balance of coffee and milk.
  • Making Magic Coffee involves brewing a double ristretto, steaming milk until silky smooth, pouring it over the espresso, and optionally adding latte art.

What is Magic Coffee?

Magic Coffee is a specialty coffee drink made with a double ristretto, steamed milk, and often topped with latte art for an enchanting experience.

Definition and basic components

Magic coffee comes from Melbourne, Australia. It’s a special kind of coffee made by mixing steamed milk with a double ristretto. A double ristretto is just espresso but more concentrated.

The name “magic” speaks about the unique way it mixes coffee and milk. This mix makes the taste strong without being bitter. To make magic coffee right, you need good quality espresso beans and fresh whole milk.

The drink is mixed so there are equal parts of coffee and steamy milk in your cup.

Difference between Magic Coffee and other coffee drinks (ristretto, flat white, cortado)

Magic Coffee sets itself apart from other coffee beverages such as ristretto, flat white, and cortado due to its unique components and flavor.

Coffee TypeDescription
Magic CoffeeMagic coffee is a specialty coffee from Melbourne, Australia, made by adding steamed milk to a double ristretto. It is served in a normal cup size of 160ml or 5oz, and has a unique ratio of coffee to milk that creates a bold flavor without bitterness.
RistrettoRistretto is a type of espresso shot that is much more concentrated than a regular shot. It’s typically made by extracting the coffee for a shorter amount of time, resulting in a more intense and less bitter flavor.
Flat WhiteFlat white is another popular Australian coffee drink. It’s made by pouring microfoam over a shot of espresso. The ratio of coffee to milk in a flat white is usually 1:1, but it contains more milk than a magic coffee, which affects the taste and texture.
CortadoA cortado is an espresso-based drink that originated in Spain. It is typically equal parts espresso and warm milk, which helps reduce the acidity. Unlike a magic coffee, a cortado does not involve the use of steamed milk or froth on top.

How to Make Magic Coffee

To make Magic Coffee, start by brewing a double ristretto using specialty coffee beans for a strong taste. Next, steam the milk until it becomes silky smooth and pour it over the ristretto in a beautiful latte art design.

Step-by-step instructions

To make magic coffee, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start by brewing a double ristretto using a good quality espresso bean. A ristretto is a concentrated shot of espresso.
  2. While the espresso is brewing, heat up some whole milk in a saucepan or using a milk frother until it reaches the desired temperature.
  3. Once the espresso is ready, pour it into a cup or mug.
  4. Slowly pour the steamed milk over the espresso, trying to maintain an equal ratio of coffee to milk.
  5. Use a spoon to create latte art on top if desired.
  6. Give the cup a gentle swirl to ensure that the coffee and milk are well combined.
  7. Enjoy your magical cup of coffee!

Tips for achieving the perfect balance of flavors

To achieve the perfect balance of flavors in magic coffee, there are a few tips you can follow. First, make sure to use high-quality espresso beans for the best taste. Second, experiment with different milk options like whole milk or even alternative milks like almond or oat to find your preferred flavor profile.

Third, pay attention to the temperature of the milk when steaming it – it should be hot but not scalding. Fourth, practice your pouring technique for latte art to enhance both the visual and sensory experience of magic coffee.

Lastly, don’t forget to adjust the ratio of coffee to milk based on personal preference – some may prefer a stronger coffee taste while others enjoy a creamier texture. By keeping these tips in mind, you can create an exquisite cup of magic coffee with just the right balance of flavors that will leave you enchanted.

Taste and Experience

Magic Coffee offers a unique taste and experience that sets it apart from other coffee drinks.

Description of the flavor profile of Magic Coffee

Magic coffee has a unique and enchanting flavor profile that sets it apart from other coffee drinks. With its double ristretto base, the taste of coffee is bold and strong, providing a satisfying kick for those who love their caffeine fix.

The steamed milk adds a creamy and silky texture to the drink, balancing out the intensity of the espresso. This combination creates a smooth and velvety mouthfeel that is truly delightful.

Unlike some other coffee beverages, magic coffee is not bitter but instead has a uniquely sweet undertone that enhances the overall taste experience. It’s like sipping on pure magic with every sip!

Comparison to other coffee drinks in terms of taste

Magic coffee stands out from other coffee drinks in terms of taste due to its unique balance of flavors. Unlike a flat white or cappuccino, which have equal parts espresso and milk, magic coffee has a double ristretto shot combined with steamed milk.

This concentrated drink delivers a strong taste of coffee that is smooth and silky thanks to the perfect ratio of ingredients. Compared to a cortado, magic coffee offers an even stronger flavor profile without any bitterness.

With its uniquely sweet undertones and full-bodied richness, magic coffee truly showcases the enchanting qualities that set it apart from other popular coffee beverages.


Magic coffee is a specialty drink that originated in Melbourne, Australia. It’s made by combining steamed milk with a double ristretto of espresso, creating a bold flavor without bitterness.

This unique coffee has gained popularity among enthusiasts for its balanced taste and unique brewing method. Whether you’re looking to try something new or explore the flavors of Melbourne’s coffee capital, magic coffee is definitely worth a sip.


What is magic coffee?

Magic coffee, also known as an enchanted or mystical coffee, is a dairy beverage that uses espresso and milk.

How did magic coffee become popular?

Magic coffee became trendy due to a viral recipe shared by teens on the internet.

Does magic coffee have anything to do with sorcery or witchcraft?

No, terms like sorcery, wizardry, alchemy and witchcraft are just playful names given to this unique blend of espresso and milk.

What makes this coffee magical?

What’s “magical” about magic coffee is its taste. The mix of strong espresso with creamy milk gives it an enigmatic flavor that many find enjoyable.

Where can I get magic coffee?

You could either try making this Viral recipe at home or visit the ‘Coffee Capital’ where numerous cafes offer their version of supernatural Coffee.

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